Hysterectomy (Removal of Womb)

Hysterectomy or removal of uterus (or womb) is a Gynaecological procedure sometimes necessary to treat symptoms and problems such as heavy menstrual bleeding, severe pelvic pain, prolapse or pre cancerous and cancerous conditions of the womb.

A detailed examination and investigation is required before such an important decision is made. There are often multiple treatments available before a hysterectomy is required and Dr Samuel Soo will make his assessment of your condition and discuss in detail how each option will best suit you. Some options require no surgery at all and Dr Soo will be able to offer you the full options available in his practice.

Traditionally, a hysterectomy may be done via a large incision in the abdomen or through the vagina only. More recently a laparoscopic approach or ‘key hole’ approach is available. Dr Samuel Soo is one of the few Gynaecologist in Australia that has been formally trained in ALL 3 procedures and has earned a reputation for taking on difficult cases with much less than expected complications than in the published medical research.

Dr Samuel Soo was one of the lead surgeons in performing the first SINGLE INCISION total laparoscopic hysterectomy in Victoria. A key hole hysterectomy that was performed through only ONE small incision through the belly button area. His team has now performed the most such surgeries in Australia.

Dr Soo has personally been the senior lead surgeon in over 1500 hysterectomies with achievements including the largest uterus removed via laparoscopy (20 cm or 20 weeks size) at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne in 2010 and similarly at Westmead Hospital in 2009 in Sydney. He regularly teaches upcoming Gynaecological specialists in techniques of hysterectomy and has provided expert advice to established Gynaecologist around Australia. He is one of the most highly experienced surgeons for hysterectomies.

Dr Soo has presented his research into the safety of hysterectomy and since 2006-2009 he has been invited to present his research at major scientific meetings into complications and surgical technique at hysterectomy around Australia and in United States of America, winning the Best Research award at the Australian Gyanecological Endoscopy Society and Asia Pacific Gyaenecological Society scientific meetings in 2007.

Despite Dr Soo’s expertise he feels that the best way to avoid problems or complications from any form of surgery is to not to have unnecessary surgery at all and he will endeavour to explore other non surgical ways to treat your problem.

Dr Soo provides surgery at Freemason’s Hospital, Epworth Richmond Hospital, St Vincent’s Private Hospital and the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne.