Tubal Sugery (Laparoscopic Tubal Reversal)

Tubal reanstomosis or tubal reversal surgery is to rejoin the previously clipped or blocked fallopian tubes. To reverse tubal ligation for previous contraception to achieve a pregnancy.

It is common to want to change your mind when it comes to permanent contraception as life often brings along unforeseen challenges. Dr Soo provides expert surgical advice for patients wanting the tubal clips reversed to assist with having more children.

It is now possible to provide surgery for the reversal of previous tubal surgery and this can be done via laparoscopy (key hole surgery). The procedure is done as a 1 day in hospital only in the majority of case and most patients are able to return to work within 2 days. The procedure has a 50-70% success rate in most cases.

It may be however a better option in some cases to have IVF instead and it depends on each individual and how many more children are planned. If only 1 more child is planned, then it may be a better option to go through IVF instead. However there are many factors that need to be considered before such a decision is made.